Class Notes week 12

1.Identify the problem 

“Figure out what you are trying to do and why you are doing it, who are you doing it for and whether it is worth doing and what you  intended to achieve”.

  • What have other done
  • Content
  • Difficulty

Result= Description of problem

2. Design a solution 

 Use all of the above to identify any other solutions, or closely related solutions that exist; figure out what combination of technology or technological approaches will bring the most value to your solution; bring all the knowledge you have gained so far into designing your new solution.”

  • Other solutions
  • Technical details


3. Build the solution 

“Create the new solution to a stage where it can be demonstrated to either the target audience or a proxy.”

4. Evaluate the solution 

“Identify effective ways of evaluating the solution; undertake and formally record the evaluation; identify the impact of the evaluation on the problem, the design and the implemented solution.”


“record all important activities from the previous steps, including previous work, new thinking, decisions made, mistakes made and problems solved. Make this record accessible in various forms as appropriate (e.g. written report, poster presentation, website or blog.)”


Similar principal to System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).


Atkins, C. (2014) Framing IT Capstone Development Projects with Design Science Research Principles. Proc of CITRENZ14, Auckland, New Zealand, October 8-10, 2014. Mike Lopez and Michael Verhaart, (Eds).



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