Broad Research/Project Interest Area

Description of area of IT that interests you

Network Security. Focusing on problems with securing new technology such as IoT (Internet of Things) Devices.

Why is it interesting to you?

I have always been interested in security and protection of networks, whether it is your home network or a business. Since starting my SEC601 class this semester and listing to Mark talk about some of the problems with IoT devices, I have wanted to more. This is because I believe we are only at the starting point for IoT devices and within the next few years, they will be common items in most houses just like computers.  

Three things you know about it

  • There are huge problems with the security of these devices, because unlike a computer or phone running a rather complicated OS, IoT devices are a lot simpler.
  • These devices have comprised networks before.
  • More and More IoT devices are being made.

Three things you believe about it

  • That these devices will be in almost every home within 10 – 15 years.
  • A lot of people don’t think about IoT devices being a security issue.
  • There will be a growing number of jobs for people who specialise in IoT security.

Three things you don’t know about it

  • What the most common security issue is with these devices?
  • Is there an easy way to protect these devices?
  • Do the manufactures intend to improve security on their IoT products?

Would you rather Do something, Research something or do both?

I think do both, as I have learned in the past trying to do something you are not sure of can cause issues they may be worse than the initial problem.

Find an online resource about it:

Link about IoT Security Issues.


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