When people think of home security they usually think of the price, whether its installing an alarm or surveillance cameras. Now there is a way you can do it for free (well it does depend, you need android phone/s and Wi-Fi), but anyway the app is free!

Okay so if you’re tech savvy you might already be connecting the dots, but wait it’s probably better than you think. All you need is two or more Android phones.  It doesn’t matter if it’s that old phone that been acting as a paper weight for the last two years as long as it has a camera. Now all you need to do is download the Alfred App on each phone, sign in with your Google account and choose either viewer or camera and boom you’ve got a live feed.

Not only can you view this from anywhere with 3/4G or Wi-Fi, but you can also set it to motion which will only record when the camera picks up movement, which it will then notify you about. You can also enable two-way communication, so if someone is trying to steal your stuff you may be able to deter them, or maybe you want to just talk to your pet when you’re at work or tell them off for chewing on something. You can also set up multiples phones around the house for full coverage, and after playing with this app I was very surprised how easy it was to set up and use.

This was the first bit of information I looked at when thinking of writing a blog on this subject. I think this is credible because not only is it a video made by the company but we can test the features that they advertise.

When I was looking up reviews on the app I came across this article, which sums up the key features of the app. I also think this is credible as it provides clear pictures of the phones that once again we can verify for ourselves.


This final video was a review done by a YouTube channel called TechCrunch. Although it is a humorous form of review I still think the information is credible, because there is clear footage showing it in use. I tried to find some piece of information that I would consider not to be credible, but since it is a relatively new app, there were none that I considered contained that criteria.


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